Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, telcos have found themselves at the heart of the fast-changing world. Communication and internet connection are in great demand because people see it as essential for human interaction amid the national quarantines.

This dramatic change surprised the communication and internet providers as they have to deal with the demand and be agile and decisive. Even still, experts have seen that network resilience and telcos’ contribution are the key to address this demand in the new normal.

With this, Globe continues to create a wonderful world by letting people know how they enhanced their services through HDI Admix lamp post banners which are installed all over the streets of San Juan. Globe is featuring their Globe at Home postpaid plans that maximizes network performance at home, which is key to having worry-free work from home set-up and online schooling.

Looking ahead, telcos like Globe Telecom should take their opportunity to overhaul their value proposition and most importantly, educate their customers on the new and enhanced services they provide to address the shift of communication in this digital new normal. And top it off, OOH platforms will always be the best choice to strengthen the delivery of your brand message.

Truly, the bold and decisive will always thrive in the new normal.