COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine practically changed the consumer behavior overnight, and it seems that these habits will become usual even when this pandemic ends. And today, it is obvious that aside from the food industry, e-commerce platforms grow drastically as an effect of transition from traditional shopping channels to online platform during quarantine.

Many e-commerce sites are utilizing the online world to reach their customers. However, there’s this one site that bent their marketing and advertising strategies and decided to reach their customers and convert their ads into sales through billboards. Just this week, Zalora used HDI Admix billboards in NLEX and SLEX to strengthen their 9.9 campaign offering. The Zalora team believed that the unique strengths of OOH will complete the marketing mix for this campaign which will surely help the brand churn positive campaign results.

Zalora indeed opened the ‘Ber months’ with a bang with these promo codes and discounts coupled with the ‘Zalora 9.9 Sale’.

This project is an exciting one for both sides of HDI Admix and Zalora as they prove that integrating Out-of-Home Advertising and E-commerce can bring wonders to a product or brand.