HDI Admix has been committed and passionate in providing exemplary service to our clients. But, behind the scenes of every successful and well-polished special executions were a group of people with superb crafting skills and dedicated hearts orchestrating to work on each project impeccably.

The ace team behind our well-maintained sites and exceptional executions are the Operations Team. The enthusiasm and fun at work that the team built were indeed a big help in finishing every project above expectations. From crafting 2d elements to implementing seamless creative executions, up to maintaining and monitoring more than a hundred of sites, it takes a strong and committed team to pull off all of these, which undeniably contributes a huge part in the service of HDI Admix.

Every single billboard has a story, and that is more than what meets the eye.

HDI Admix is grateful to have awesome and hard-working people who treat every site, from mini billboards to spectacular wall murals, as one precious diamond that they have to take care and maintain the beauty. Behind the huge and strong structures of our billboard are these brave people who don’t mind the challenge and the danger they have to go through each day, as long as they were able to provide an extra mile service to the company and to the clients. For them, that’s their greatest fulfillment.

Through their focus on every billboards’ value and devotion to their work, this team has indeed redefined the true meaning of a commendable and praiseworthy service that HDI Admix would always be proud of.