It’s been 6 long months now since the country started its battle with this virus. Everyone is affected, from the government down to a single family in the Philippines. No one could tell when will we be free or when can we even move forward from this pandemic.

Recently, it was all over the news and online world that our health workers are asking for immediate assistance from the government with the drastic increase of COVID-19 patients, which lead them to plead for a “time out”. But, it’s not just a “timeout” that our health workers need, they are also appealing for everyone’s help.

To grant the plea of our health workers, the government decided to put the NCR and other provinces back to MECQ and also released a campaign to ‘Wear a mask, Wash hands, and Keep a distance’.

In line with this, HDI Admix is, again, in full support to the government’s advocacy to stop the spread of the virus and the increasing number of cases, to help the health workers and to save the country. We have recently played a loop in our LED billboards and social media pages. We aim to spread awareness on how important wearing a mask, washing hands, and keeping a distance in saving lives at this challenging moment, especially for our health workers.

We are hoping that you can join us sharing this awareness by using our official hashtag #SavingLivesStartsWithYou. Together, let us protect each other and help the country to rise above this COVID-19.