Last month, when the NCR was placed under GCQ, HDI Admix’s partner, MX3, did not have a second though to put their FULL OF HOPE ad in the Sampaguita A wall mural. A bold bible verse highlights the road of C5 and brings attention to the commuters. In this kind of situation, content is indeed powerful to advertise your business. This MX3 ad is the actual proof of it.

Upon installation of the said material, there was also an on-going installation in the other wall mural. But, nothing can hinder the dedication of HDI Admix to provide an equal extra mile service to our clients. The Operations team managed their time well to serve both clients with good quality. And so, right after they finished the other wall mural, they go straight to install the MX3 material and finish it ahead of the given time.

During the installation, the team had to go through and face unpredictable rainfall and too much heat that can quickly dry their adhesive glue. But, despite these challenges, they polished the installation exquisitely.

HDI Admix will continue to give its 100% dedication and commitment to give every brand’s purpose and objective a bigger daily impact.