Billboard ads are all about branding. Brands invest on billboard to create brand recall and retention in their target market. Rarely does billboard entice someone to purchase a product immediately, but its noticeable presence makes a difference on the consumer’s path to purchase. This is the reason why OOH still holds a huge percentage in the advertising mix of brands.

Just recently, as soon as the government announced NCR to be placed under GCQ, HDI Admix’s partner, Andoks, made the best decision to place their eye-catching ad with 2D execution in the Sampaguita B wall mural which made the whole site more attractive. It is with full trust that they allowed HDI Admix to handle the end to end execution of this OOH project.

Without hesitation, HDI Admix planned for the whole execution from printing of material, crafting of 2D elements, up to the installation. The team went directly to the printer supplier to assure that the printing of materials was done ahead of the time. When it comes to the installation, it was all done in-house, the background and the 2D executions, to lessen the cost of the client.

During the installation, the team had to go through and face unpredictable rainfall and too much heat that can quickly dry their adhesive glue. Not to mention working from 6 am to 6 pm on-site. But, despite these challenges, the execution was done impeccably and with the combined efforts and commitment of the HDI Admix Operations team, they were able to pull the execution beautifully and timely.

It is in this unprecedented situation, that HDI Admix was able to prove its commitment to provide extra mile service to our clients and that the ‘billboard effect’ can work in every brand’s favor enchantingly well to enhance reach, visibility, and view-through conversion.