Recently, HDI Admix, HDI Stopovers, and HDI Adventures (collectively HDI) had been placed in another challenging circumstance due to a news article in The Manila Standard. In said article, it was reported that HDI is in danger of revoking its license because the Office of the Prosecutor has found probable cause to indict some of HDI’s former officers and directors for violation of CA 108 (Anti-Dummy Law) and P.D. 1018  (Limiting the Ownership and Management of Mass Media to Filipino Citizens).

As an organization that values integrity and transparency, we would like to assure everyone that the cases are another harassment suits against HDI. Moreover, there is no truth in the claim that HDI’s license is in danger of being revoked.

The three HDI companies were incorporated, and have been operating, as “advertising companies” which, under the law, allow the participation of foreign nationals in the affairs of the company. It was for this reason that in June 2016, a foreign national was permitted to sit as Chairman of HDI.  As a sign of good faith, HDI Admix took the initiative of getting a confirmation from the Securities and Exchange Commission relative to the nature of its business for proper guidance. As it turned out, however, the SEC subsequently in July 2016 erroneously classified HDI Admix as “mass media” the ownership and management of which are limited to Filipino citizens, or to corporations wholly-owned and managed by such citizens. This came as a surprise considering that the classification of the three HDI companies as “advertising company” was in fact approved by the SEC when they applied for their incorporation and license to operate in 2012 (Admix), 2003 (Adventures), and 1992 (SO). This was never questioned since. Even though the SEC Opinion is of doubtful validity, HDI chose to comply with said pronouncement and immediately rectified its corporate structure. Thus, effective 2017 and in compliance with the SEC Opinion, the ownership, corporate affairs and management of HDI were legitimately vested to Filipino nationals. Unfortunately, the SEC Opinion which the company itself voluntarily secured with good intention was maliciously exploited to further an evil motive (which HDI will not tolerate).

Clearly, the cases which were cited by the Manila Standard as bases for the revocation of license of HDI relate to the SEC-approved corporate structure back in 2016, which structure is no longer existing and relevant in the present because of HDI’s subsequent compliance with the  SEC Opinion. True enough, the Office of the City Prosecutor was not prepared to recommend, as in fact it did not recommend, the revocation of the licenses to operate of HDI Admix, HDI Stopovers and HDI Adventures, for lack of genuine basis to question the current corporate structure of these companies.

We are confident that the cases against HDI are unmeritorious and will be dismissed as we let the law  take its ordinary course. We assure you that this recent attack against the credibility of HDI is unfounded and was propagated merely by disgruntled individuals out of sheer desperation to make themselves relevant again in the business community. We have already instituted the appropriate remedies for the dismissal of the cases and question the Resolution of the City Prosecutor (finding probable cause against former officers of HDI) as well as the SEC Opinion classifying HDI as mass media.

We are closely coordinating with government agencies and we are certain, in every way, that we have not violated any laws and we have been conducting our business with integrity and transparency.

Rest assured, that the HDI Advertising Group will continue to provide the quality service you deserve. We will always remain committed to the realization of our obsession – raise the bar in the field of advertising. We are standing strong as a company for the past 25 years because of your continued trust and confidence in our values, expertise, and integrity. With a grateful heart, we assure you that we will continue to nurture this trust and confidence.

HDI is continuously working and exploring innovative ways to provide you with excellent services and help your business adapt in the new normal. We are excited to launch new platforms and cutting-edge advertising and marketing solutions to provide unprecedented services in these trying times while remaining true and faithful to our values and purpose.