The world is now starting to embrace the new normal. As it happens, there is instant acceleration to the change of consumer behavior. With the great recession brought by the health, and economic crisis, it is expected that consumption patterns will change simultaenous with the change in consumer habits. The early cycle of the health crisis made an impact on everyone’s purchase habits, which were predictable. As human beings, we tend to rely on the presence of these: thermometers, shelf-stable foods, vitamins, and the like.

Nielsen recently made a study and have identified  six key consumer threshold levels that are tied to the concerns of this outbreak. These thresholds proposed the early signals of predictable consumers buying patterns.

In the short term, this intensified demand from consumers will require manufacturers, retailers and other related industry participants to clearly communicate why their products and supply chains should be trusted. In the longer term, and dependent on the eventual scale and impact that COVID-19 will have on consumer markets, it may speed up the re-thinking process of shoppers in terms of product and services evaluation. This includes key factors such as product benefits, value over other brands and safety.

Source:  Nielsen