Billboards started in the late 1800s. No doubt that outdoor advertising is probably one of the oldest advertising platforms that are still in existence.

Now, the question is, with the emerging mediums for brand promotion, why is outdoor advertising still around? This is because digital and new technologies haven’t supplanted out of home advertising. Thus, it just enhanced its reach and its impact. To support that, here are some of the many reasons why outdoor advertising deserves a spot in promoting your brand, products, or services.

It definitely captures anyone’s attention.

Outdoor advertising platforms can always stand on its own and has the ability to create impression 24/7. So it doesn’t have to compete with other mediums in terms of existence. Usually, it is big in size, which makes it very visible either in close or far distances. Another plus is you can play with creative executions, which demands to gain more attention from consumers.

It has constant unavoidable exposure.

Another reason why outdoor advertising remains effective is that it provides constant and unavoidable exposure. These outdoor advertising cannot be turned off, skipped, or thrown away which drastically increases the chance of a brand to make an impact.

It creates powerful messaging.

Advertising mediums like out-of-home advertising are most often the best platform to execute powerful messaging. The sheer size of billboards can dominate the visuals and copy of a brand, clearly and visibly.

It impacts path-of-purchase.

According to a study, 70% of purchase occurs outside of the main shopping malls, groceries, and other retail centers. When location is the subject, outdoor advertising perfectly fits it, because it impacts across all stages of the Path-to-Purchase. Out-of-home advertisements are most seen by shoppers in ‘their last window of influence’ before shopping.

It is a team player in the marketing mix.

Outdoor advertising can always work best with other mediums of advertising. The impact of out-of-home advertising is much greater and it can remind consumers of a brand’s message across all media.


Outdoor advertising can always offer a creative and impactful approach to reach consumers. If you’re interested of trying out one of the benefits listed above, contact us today! We are happy to see how we can help you create a daily impact.